About Us

Raigad Auto


 Love And Affection 

 For Cars 

Raigad Auto was started by a car lover for a car lover. We promise to deliver the best quality of services to your doorstep unlike the JUGAADS provided by the workshops. And, we can assure you that your car will be pampered well. Because, we love cars.

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What Is Raigad Auto ?

Raigad Auto is all about pampering the cars. We are here to provide all the care and love to your cars, when you are busy in your day-to-day busy life. We are here to provide transparent and genuine car service to you when you are worried for your car’s health. We are here to provide the happiness and smile on your face when you want your car to be serviced at your doorstep, in front of you.

Transparency and professionalism are two values every customer seeks, but most service providers lack to provide together. We aim to do just that. We service your car at your doorstep. Unlike at a workshop, where you are alien to what’s happening with your car, we service it right in front of your eyes. The products we use, the procedures we follow, are all right in front of you.